ABMA Member Bands

Alan Sibley & the Magnolia Ramblers

Alan Sibley

P O Box 1038

Kerman, MS 39735

Phone: 662-617-3744

Email: williamalansibley@yahoo.com


The Allen Tolbert Unit

Breanna Tolbert

Phone: 205-837-2880,


Email: allentolbertunit@gmail.com

Web: www.theallentolbertunit.com

Facebook: facebook.com/theallentolbertunit

Amanda Gore & The Red, White & Bluegrass
Amanda Gore
Phone: (470)-241-3076
Facebook: Amanda Gore & The Red, White & Bluegrass


Backwoods Revival

Phillip Dooley

Phone: 256-659-8463

Email: dedme@icloud.com

Web: BackwoodsRevival.com


Barefoot Nellie & Co.

August Bruce

Phone: 423-994-7497

Email: Barefootnellieandcompany@gmail.com

Web: Barefootnellieandcompany.com

Facebook: barefootnellieandcompany.com

Beyond Blessed

Tommy Shepherd

256-493-4275, Talladega, AL



Big Canoe Creek

Joe Smith

Phone: 205-612-7664

Email: jsmithabx1@aol.com

Facebook: Big Canoe Creek Bluegrass

The Byrd Family
Holly Byrd, 334-550-9136


Bluegrass Connection

Julie Moon

Phone: 256-592-0335

Email: moond35@gmail.com

Facebook: Julie Moon


Blue Mullet

Dave Thier

Phone: 256-230-5256

Email: gbdgbd@att.net

Facebook: @BlueMulletBluegrass


Bounds & Determined

Northport, AL

Sharon Bounds, 205-535-8545


Brighter Day

Northport, AL

Sharon Bounds


(205) 535-8545 or (205) 339-9056


The Burning Bush Family

Michael Bush

Phone: 334-488-0024

Email: burningbushfamily@hotmail.com

Facebook: Burning Bush Family


Carl Towns & Upward Road

Carl Towns

Chattanooga, TN

Phone: 423-596-6746

Email: officialcarltowns@gmail.com

Web: www.carltowns.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/carltowns/

gigsalad: https://www.gigsalad.com/carl_towns_and_upward_road_rising_fawn


Chimney Branch

Greg White

Phone: 256-670-3950

Email: gwhite30@bellsouth.net

Facebook: Chimney Branch


Claire Lynch Band

ABMA Hall of Fame Member



Clear Blue Sky

Ray Benson

Phone: 205-966-8049

Email: raybobenson@aol.com

Facebook: Clear Blue Sky Bluegrass Band


Cottonmouth Creek

Kevin Atkins

Phone: 205-902-9333

Email: banjoblaster@att.net

Web: www.cottonmouthcreek.com

Facebook: Cottonmouth Creek

Cotton Pickin’ Kids
Facebook: Cotton Pickin Kids
Fabio Cipollari, 256-754-7680


Craig Morris & King Cotton

Craig Morris

Phone: 615-202-7331

Email: craigmorris420@gmail.com

Crossing Grass

Rachel Jackson Smitherman

Phone: 205-587-0278

Email: rachel.smitherman@yahoo.com

Web: www.crossinggrass.com

Facebook: Rachel Jackson Smitherman


Crosswalk Bluegrass Gospel

D. A. Ray

Phone: 256-355-9357



Facebook: D. A. Ray/June Ray


David Davis And The Warrior River Boys

Robert Montgomery

Phone: 256-565-9347

Email: ram10@bellsouth.net

ABMA Hall of Fame Member 

Fiber Grass

James R. Moores

Phone: 334-306-9711

Email: Banjogoose50@hotmail.com


Gary Waldrep Band

Boaz, Alabama

ABMA Hall of Fame Member

256-561-3908, 256-293-7946


Ginger Boatwright and the

Sipsey River Band

Reform, Alabama

205/375-6682, 907/688-2478

ABMA Hall of Fame Member



Grandma's Feather Bed

Jim Connor

Boaz, AL

ABMA Hall of Fame Member

Phone: 804-370-1631


The Guntersville F. B. C. Pickers

Ken Patterson

Phone: 256-702-2422

Email: PICKERS@gvillefbc.org

Web: gvillefbc.org

Facebook: FBC Pickers


Incoherent Ramblers

Andy Johnson

Phone: 205-447-4962

Email: andyhoo@gmail.com

Web: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8K3bSj_yW9Q


Iron Horse Bluegrass

Licia House (256) 412-3670

Email: licia0555@att.net

Web: www.ironhorsebluegrass.com

Facebook: facebook.com/ironhorsebluegrass


Just Passin’ Thru

Rodney Murphree

Phone: 256-599-1494

Email: murffran@gmail.com

Facebook: Just Passin’ Thru


Mortar Creek Redemption Co.

Roy Damron

Phone: 334-365-5993

Email: royd5993@msn.com

Facebook: Mortar Creek - MCRC

Old Town Express

Larry Leach

Phone: 334-272-4825

Email: larryleach999@gmail.com


Over the Hillbillies

Rob Angus

Phone: 205-987-7976

Email: raangus@gmail.com

Web: www.robangus.com

Over The Mountain

Tom Chiles

Phone: 205-567-1466

Email: tomachiles@gmail.com

Facebook: Over The Mountain Bluegrass Band


Pam Thrower And SHINE

Pam Thrower

Phone: 256-345-5542

Email: pamelam.thrower@gmail.com

Facebook: Pam Thrower and Shine


Parnell Creek

Leon Venerable

Email: leonvmusic@yahoo.com

Web: www.youtube.com/user/leonvmusic1

Facebook: Leon Venerable Band Page


Phoebe Grace And Friends

Denise Pittard

Phone: 256-282-0368

Facebook: Nee Cee Pittard


Pickles On A Grapevine

Frank Sullivan

Phone: 334-451-2494

Email: FLSCCI@aol.com


Pine Mountain Bluegrass

Mickey T. Dooley

Phone: 205-681-8643

Email: conniedooley@bellsouth.net

Facebook: Pine Mtn Bluegrass

Random Mountain Ramblers  

Daniel Lundberg 


Email: daniellundberg@rocketmail.com

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/randommountainramblers/

The Randy Waller Band
North Alabama/Southern Tennessee
Facebook: Fans and Friends of Randy Waller
Email: rrholder2@yahoo.com
Phone: 256-520-0997


Renfroe Mountain Medicine Show   

Allen Senn 

Talladega, AL 

Phone: 256-493-2008 

Email:  allensenn@bellsouth.net     

Facebook: Renfroe Mountain Medicine Show


Robbie and Blue Mourning 


Guntersville, Alabama

Phone: 256-506-2498

Email: Robbienjeff@aol.com


Rock Creek Bluegrass

Jim Wells

Phone: 205-491-1276

Email: rockcreekband@bellsouth.net

Facebook: Rock Creek Bluegrass


Rocky Branch Ramblers

Jeff Thompson

Phone: 334-338-4768

Email: jefft3939@gmail.com



Susie Shortt

Phone: 205-623-9516

Email: roots2grass@Yahoo.com

Web: www.susieshorttmusic.com

Facebook: Roots2Grass


The Russell Burton Family

Russell Burton

Phone: 662-258-3190 


Email: diannrussellburton@gmail.com


Shannon Slaughter

& County Clare

Trussville, Alabama




Southern Reign

Micah McCreary

Phone: 256-783-7018

Email: mccrearyk9facility@gmail.com

Facebook: Southern Reign Bluegrass


Stanley & Company

Stanley Humphryes

Phone: 205-428-3186

Email: stanleyancompany@aol.com

Facebook: Stanley and Company

Stillwater Bluegrass

Russ Holder

Email: rrholder2@yahoo.com

Facebook: Stillwater Bluegrass


Three on a String

Birmingham, Alabama

ABMA Hall of Fame Member

Jerry Ryan, 205-854-3957